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Monday, January 28, 2013

Lake Erie 1-28-2013 Last day there and seeing it frozen

Lake Erie 1-28-2013 N Madison frozen but starting to thaw
The weather finally cleared up enough so I could go home.  These were the last images I got of the lake before I left.


 The neighbors house.
 And our house.  We always joke about being the servants quarters. 

I was glad to spend the time with my mom.  I also liked watching the lake freeze over but I've lived in Louisiana for 30 years and my blood has thinned.  I was glad I could finally head back home to the warmer weather.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lake Erie - 1-27-2013

 Every day I had been tracking the lake freezing over.  The weather was starting to clear off and because of that the light playing on the snow was so beautiful.  I really didn't get any good picture of the lake but I thought these were artistic and so I probably took more than I should have.

I did get these two on my cellphone so they didn't have the dates on them.
The weather is finally getting to the point where I can finally leave for home.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lake Erie 1-26-2013 Lake Erie frozen over

I had to stay longer than I had planned.  Here's the reason why - It had snowed during the night and this was what the day was like for me.

 The wall is about 3 feet tall. Look how much snow we had gotten.

 During the day we kept on getting more.
Lake Erie frozen over N Madison Ohio 1-26-2013


I was so glad I hadn't decided to drive home with all the snow that they got.