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Friday, January 31, 2014

Puppy Times - End of January

The puppies have really been growing a lot lately.  It amazes me how much they seem to grow just in a day or two.  Needless to say they have a healthy appetite.
 There's nothing like getting puppy kisses.
 They can't stand not being on someone's lap if it is available.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Puppy Times - 1 week

I've been very busy lately playing with two puppies that have come into my life and have captured my heart.
They are growing so fast and because of that I am trying to get their pictures so I will have them later in life.  I had two dogs that died recently and I had regretted not getting more pictures of them.  I now cherish the ones I do have.
This kinda reminds me of when I first had children.  The oldest to take a lot of pictures but then as you get another child you don't seem to take as many since you are so busy chasing two children instead of one.  Then with the third one you take even fewer.   You look back and then regret not taking more.

 My favorite

 I couldn't believe he could lick his brothers tongue like that.

. Mummy

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Puppy Tiimes - 1st day

We had decided to get the puppies.  They were ready to leave their home right about Christmas time but from what I had read that is not a good time to bring new puppies into a home.    Also my 90+ mom was visiting and we figured they would be too much for her to deal with while she was there.

So we decided to wait until my mom had left.
On January 6, the day finally arrived where we could get them.
They seemed to adjust really well to their new place.  We were so excited about getting them I almost forgot to get pictures. I did get a few and here they are.
Do you think my son is happy to get them?

Checking out their kennel.

 Playing with their new toys.

 Sunbathing in their new bed.  They moved the bed to that location.

 After awhile they decided everything was okay and fell asleep.

Puppy Times - 2nd week

My family has been enjoying the puppies as much as I have been.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Puppy Times - December

For Christmas my family got two short Jack Russell terriers.  And it seems like ever since then I haven't had time to blog much.  I wonder why?   But once you see some of their pictures I think you can guess why my time has been focused on them and not other things.

I went to my vets office to drop off some newspapers.   For years I have been giving my vet our papers so she could use them in their kennel.  I would usually take them when I needed to get special food for my very old dogs, but when they died I stopped having a reason to go their.  Christmas was coming and I wanted to clean my house for expected guests.  The papers were piled high in a corner and needed to be gotten rid of. 
    I walked into the office with the papers  and look at what one of the assistants was holding.
 I was immediately attracted to them.  I thought they were someone's puppies that had been brought in for a check up. 
 Instead I found out that they were the vet's and they were for sale.
 On that day they were not ready to leave their mom because they were still nursing. 

 Here's a better picture of the mom.
 Isn't she a good looking dog?  And she's pretty well behaved.  I figure they were from really good stock and as such would make great pets.  
 I also got to meet their uncle.  He was there to get his shots that day and belonged to one of the workers that was there.  The vet said that the puppies would probably end up being about his size once they were done growing.  It sure was nice to have a reference like that. 

By the time I left I had totally fallen in love with them. I wanted both of them.   I went ahead and put a deposit down with the understanding I had 24 hours to change my mind. 
  I couldn't wait to get home and tell my family.  They were very interested in them too and wanted to see them.  By then it was too late to go back to the office so we had to wait for the next day. 

   The next day I was able to take my two sons to see them.  The mother made a big hit with them.  They liked the way she looked and thought the puppies would be good looking dogs too.
 This time we had more time to be with them since there were no other customers in the office and they could be put down to play around. 

 After all that playing around they started to get tired.  The white and brown one came over to my one son and wanted him to pick him up.  He was instantly hooked. 
 And then he fell asleep in his arms and I thought if we could take them home now they'd be gone. 
 The other one had more energy and wasn't as tired.  He went to my other son.
 By the way my son was smiling I could tell, he wanted them just as much as I did. 
 Just look at that face.  How could I not fall in love with it. 
 And the same goes for his brother.
  They heard something and that got his attention. 
  The one thing about puppies they do like to chew and that would have been the main reason I wouldn't have gotten them.  I didn't want my stuff chewed up. 

In the end they won out over my concerns about chewing and my boys both wanted them just as much as I did.