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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls, - The American Falls, New York
I've always had a love hate relationship with Niagara Falls.  When I was little my family did not take many vacations because there were six children in it, but at least once a year during the summer my dad would take us to Niagara Falls.  It was about a three hour drive from where we lived and we could do it in a day.  I had the fondest memories of those trips. When we would go my dad would make it as fun as possible.  I remember taking the fairy boat ride at the bottom of the falls, and I remember walking behind the falls and getting wet.  It was the getting wet that I hated most because then going  back we would be in the car shivering as the wind blew on us from the open windows since we didn't have air conditioning.   Also I was scared to death of falling into the river and being swept over and if it wasn't me it could be my favorite hat or glasses and then I knew they would be gone for good.  Every year it seemed like we would go and we would all be mesmerized by the beauty and shear magnitude of force with the falls.
     When I got into college I went one time to them on a field trip, early in my studies of geology and never really appreciated what I was being taught.  I must admit I was more into the fun of the trip and getting to know some of the opposite sex in my class better.
   After that I always assumed I would get back to them but the opportunity to never seemed to develop until this summer.  I finally got to go again.   The one thing that amazed me was with all the trips I had to them we never took photo's.  This time I was bound and determined to get some photos.  The one thing I did regret was not bringing my passport with me because I always remembered the view was so much better on the Canadian side.  Even without the passport I was determined to go and what a day I had of it with my son.

Here's what Wikipedia says of Niagara Falls.

Enough talking and here are more  pictures.
 This is the map that they had posted throughout the park so you could figure out where you were at.

 We parked in the parking lot P1 and then walked along the path to the observation deck. These are some of the things we saw as we walked along the path.

The Rainbow bridge at Niagara Falls New York

 This is the observation deck.  I thought I had a better picture of it but I guess I didn't get one.  This is new to the area, and I must admit I was glad they have built it.  It sure does help you to see the American Falls better and it's almost as good to see as it is in Canada. 
We went to the observation deck and noticed a long line.  We found out it was for the river boat tour of the falls.  I forget how much they wanted but my son and I just wanted to go out on the deck.   We were told we could do it for 2 dollars each.   For 2 dollars it was well worth it. 
 This was taken from the observation deck. 
American Falls, Niagara Falls New York
 This was looking across to Canada. 
 I liked this one because you could really see the mist rising from the Horseshoe Falls.   It almost looked like a genii rising from the waters. 
 I did cross over to the other side of the observation deck just to see what it would look like. 
I wondered if they were the same rocks I was seeing outcropping at the Eternal Flames Falls-
 the Medina group.  but I could be wrong on this.  After reading Wikipedia its not the Medina group.  The caprock, is more resistant and is the Lockport dolostone   of Silurian age. This made sense to me because what I was seeing  - looked like a limestone and since its so resistant I could see it being a dolostone. 

 After we fought the crowds and got upteen dozen photo's we decide to walk around a bit.  I knew it had been awhile since I had been there but they just weren't like I remembered.  I attributed it to all the new buildings and such that were now there but weren't there when I was young. 
 We walked along the pathway and was getting hungry.  We saw a worker and asked him where was a good place to eat.  He said he used to work at the restaurant on Goats Island and it was pretty good food.  We decided to go to Goats Island.
 I thought this was neat to see.  How the water just drops off and then you have mist rising up.
 I did take some pictures of the river as we were crossing the bridge to Goats Island.
The Niagara River, near the American Falls - Niagara New York
The search power of that water was fascinating to watch.
 We did get to Goat Island and saw this sign there.
Here's what Wikipedia has to say about  Goats Island:

 This was on Goat Island - a tribute to the engineers that harnessed the falls to make electricity for the eastern United States.

 Then we walked over to the Horseshoe Falls.  I thought this was neat to see.
 This was the river and as we walked along it I realized this is what I remembered about Niagara Falls .  The river being right next to the path way. 
 Then when I saw the mist rising up and blowing into my face - I was like yes this is the way I remembered the falls.  Then it dawned upon me why I liked the Canadian side better - you don't get the mist on you like you do on the American side. 
By this point we were both getting hungry and knew it was time to stop and get a bite before we looked at the Horseshoe Falls.
 Just look at how high the mist goes up.  This was taken from the restaurant as we were eating our lunch.
 Finally we were able to walk towards the falls and try to see them.
 Just look at the mist that was coming off of them.  And the wind was blowing so it was also coming on us. 

 I didn't get as many photos of the Horseshoe falls simply because of the mist and not getting a good shot at it.

Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls - New York
 I was hoping to see a rainbow because when I've been here in the past I have.  This time I wasn't able to. 

 I was looking back to the rainbow bridge and was hoping to see the Bridal Falls that's next to the American Falls but I was not able to.
The American Falls, Niagara Falls New York
 As we were leaving I noticed this rock and had to see what it had to say.  This was where the tripwire walker started his walk across the falls. 
 Finally as we were leaving we saw this statue.  It was a tribute to the native Americans that had lived in this land before the white man came.
Here's the webside for the state park
 And here's another one associated with New York state parks

I know its a place to go for romance but its also a place to go just for the fun of it.  The one thing that amazes me the most is that its not a National Park but only a State Park. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake Eire picture mosaic

I love to visit my mom.  She has a place on Lake Eire and I just love looking at it and seeing how different it is.  She always tell people her job is to watch the sunset and I must admit I do like joining her in doing her job.
Here's some pictures I've taken with my most recent visit.

I must apologize for this picture but I just wanted to include it because this was the erosion from just the one storm.  In a couple of days the sand will crumble down and it will be all smooth again with the beach. Then in the winter it will be built up again.  Watching it is fascinating but it makes you understand why having strong retraining walls are so important in this area.