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Saturday, January 31, 2015

My friends Fairy Garden

I have a friend that likes to make fairy gardens.  I told her last summer I had worked on some with my mom and what fun we had doing them.  She was pleased to have finally met a person who knew what she was talking about when she would tell them what her hobby was.
   She recently surprised me with a fairy garden of my own.
Wasn't that a thoughtful gift to get.
 Here's the link to the ones I made at my mom's.    It kinda really got to me because she gave it to me out of the clear blue and it just so happened to be on my mom's birthday.

I must admit they are fun to do.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dawg times- helping change the sheets

I know its been awhile since I've posted.  It amazes me how much there is to do and so little time to do all that I want to do.  Now that the Holidays are over and also Mardi Gras I'm hoping I  can get some done.
One of the ones I wanted to do was this one with the puppies only they are not puppies anymore.  They are a year old but to me they are still just as cute as when they were puppies.

Every Tuesday I try to do the laundry in my house.  Part of that is changing out the sheets on our beds.  The dogs love to come help me with this.  They think its great fun to help pull the covers off and to play underneath them.   On this day one of them didn't get underneath them he accidentally got into a pillow case. I ended up laughing my head off and couldn't believe I had my camera near by so I could get some pictures of it.
At first Patton was like is that you in their?
 Then Patton decided it would be fun to attack Ike since he was trapped like that.
I tried to get away and had a hard time moving around.

 Finally he just sat down and began to whimper for help.
My dog helping with the laundry

I sure do enjoy their help.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


The dawgs didn't know what to expect for New years and so they ended up staying close to me all day long.  We had a lot of firecrackers and such going off all day long in the neighborhood.   Needless to say they did not like it at all.
  This was taken a couple of days after Christmas.  I thought he looked so cute and had to get it.
 New Years day with the dawgs.

If you look closely to the dog with the black head on his left paw you will see a reddish mark.  He had a growth that ended up having to be removed.
So for a week he had to go around with the cone on his head so he wouldn't tear the stitches out.

His brother thought it was his duty to do it for him and it was hard keeping them separate because all they wanted to do was to be together.

While he was recovering from that we couldn't go walking.   You should have seen how happy they were when I finally was able to take them walking again in March.

There will be more pictures I'm sure.  I just have to catch them doing something worth getting a picture with the camera.  Usually by they time I get the camera or cell they've stopped doing what they were doing.

Update I just have this one picture taken on March 15, 2015 and I wanted to include it somewhere so I felt this was a good spot instead of creating a whole new post.
I thought it was so cute the way he was sleeping with his tongue just barely sticking out.

Like I said if I get cute ones I will add it to here.