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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Puppy times - camp house

We took the puppies (now dogs since they are a year old) to a camp house.  It was a beautiful fall day and we wanted to get out and enjoy the fall foliage.  The next two images are from our backyard and knew it would be even more spectacular in other places.

This was the first time they had been to the camp house and like any curious child they had to check everything out.
I couldn't get over them going on the furniture like that.  At our house they know better than to do something like that.  So I had to call them and they were like Ah mom we're having fun.

Why are you telling us to get down off this stuff?
Then they were like you can't be serious can you?  We're just being our adorable selves.
How about if we just stay on dad's jacket?

Please mom.
yeh, please mom
Please, with a cherry on top?

With faces like that how could I refuse them.
Then they decided to take a nap until dad called them.

Then they were off.  Exploring all sorts of neat places.
And having fun chasing each other.
Patton was like - tag your it.
And Ike was like no I'm not.  Your it.

Lets just do something else instead. Check out this smell.

I decided to just sit on the porch and watch things. 
They joined me

but quickly decided I was booring.
Ike got interested in the acorns and chasing them as they fell on the deck.

Patton decided he wanted to check out the flora around the place.  To be honest I couldn't blame him it was pretty.  I was surprised to see some of this blooming where it was.  That is usually lake bottom but the lake was way down on this day.
Where the brown dead grass that is usually the shoreline to the lake. And here's more of them in the bed.
It was weird walking in that area because usually its lake bottom.  To me it was like walking on a bog which is what a bog would probably be the closest thing to it.  It wasn't walking on a swamp because the water was gone. 

This was a real good image showing just how low the lake was.  Normally the water is to the bottom black line on these cypress trees.

With this picture you can really get a feel for how low the water was.

Just look at how pretty the day was. We don't get days like this very often.  It made me feel like it was the perfect way to end the Thanksgiving Holidays and be thankful for all that we have.

We went out onto the dock and enjoyed the view from it. When ever I see the Spanish Moss I always know I'm in the south.

A view from the dock.

We were enjoying the view when a flock of herrings decided to come to the area.
They were fascinating to watch until the dogs decided they needed to chase them and then proceeded to run out into the water.  They had never been in water like that and really didn't know what to do.  Luckily when I called them they came back to me after realizing that was cold water and those birds were too far away to get.

Since they were wet it was time to head back.   But I couldn't resist getting these images of a cypress tree base.  Usually the base is in water and you just don't get to see this part of the tree.

I think they had a great time.  I know I did if they didn't.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bee's hollow tree

We went to a friends house for Thanksgiving dinner.  While we were there they were talking about a tree that had fallen on the property.  It was blocking an easement and so it had to be removed.   They were surprised when they started to cut it up to find out it had been hollowed out by some bees.  It was truly amazing to see how much had been removed by the bees.  It was no brainer as to why the tree died and fell to the ground.
My friends decided to keep this piece of the trunk and were planning on making it into a table. 
After seeing that we decided to go and see the rest of the tree.

  At first you don't think it was that bad but then when you saw huge sections one after another hollowed out, you couldn't help but be impressed with how powerful these bees must have been.  We also wondered how long were they in that tree.

Bees hollow out a tree
This was the top piece that wasn't hollowed all the way through.

There was still some honey comb and also a few bees flying around  this section so I didn't get too close to it.
I did go ahead and cropped some of the pictures so you could get a better look.

I could imagine some other animal making this hollowed out tree into a home.  Then I could imagine if this would have been buried in the ground and filled in with different material what an amazing fossil/ rock this would be.