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Friday, November 6, 2015

Ghost Walk -Shreveport, LA

I'm a Red Hatter.   One of the activities my Red Hatter friends had planned was to go on a ghost walk in our city.  The walks are done on Saturday evenings in October.  So on Saturday Oct 17, 2015 we went on the walk.  We were doing it just for the fun of it and really thought of it more a history lesson of Shreveport than a  "Ghost Walk".  It started at the court house on Texas street.
I thought it was nice that the guide was dressed up to look like a turn of the century guy.

To me I liked it because it was a walking tour and we were taking the time to really look at the buildings and such in the area. Just look at how pretty the court house is. Our guide pointed out that the top floor used to be the jail and they had hanged people up there and that is why its haunted and was the start of the tour.
 I did like the statue and thought I would get some images of it to but the tour was taking off and  I didn't want to miss anything.
 Most of the pictures I tried to take did not turn out well and I often wondered why I bothered with that.  But the city was pretty at night and I don't get downtown very often so I went ahead and took some images.

To me this was more a tour of the downtown and finding out about things I had never heard about before.  So much has changed over time and I was not a native and never realized some of this stuff.
 With this shot of the street you can see where the cable cars used to run.
And some of the lights used to be gas lights that were converted over. I don't know if these were some of them but they did look pretty to me.
 Most of my pictures were of the quality you see above and nothing really to write about
 I took them because I liked the buildings and the art with them. 
 These building are suppose to be really haunted ones.  But to me they were just nice architecture and stuff you don't see a lot of anymore.
I finally got back to the statue and was able to get some good images of it.

 I did like this one of the generals.
 The one thing I did find interesting was the Last Confederate Flag is buried by the statue. 

This was a ghost walk.  And if you asked me did we see any ghost I would have to tell you actually we did.  At the beginning of the walk we went to a local restaurant. We went down into the basement and heard about the lady in white.  The restaurants basement had the first walk in refrigerator installed and it was right across the street from the morgue and was and undertaker and funeral home.  Bodies were stored there.. The lady in white was believed to be one of those. As we were there I looked around and didn't see anything interesting.  Just a basement, so I was curious why my friend all of a sudden started to take pictures.  Then I felt a chill go through me and I knew why. I was standing next to her and saw them on her cell phone as she took them.  She did nothing to touch them up when I saw them becuase it was just seconds later. 

This is what she wrote on Facebook Oct 22. (I did get Beth's permission to reproduce this here - but this is not  my stuff and is not reproducible ) :

These are the pictures people are asking for. Taken in the Rendall Building on the Shreveport Ghost Walk last Saturday night. Although the building houses a restaurant today, in the late 1800's it was a coffin manufacturing business with a coffin showroom. In the 1880 census J.S. Rendall is listed as an undertaker and possibly conducted funerals at this address.
Through the years, consistent stories of haunting have persisted about the Rendall Building. A "Lady in White" has been seen wandering through the building, and unexplained noises heard during quiet times. In January, 2013, the Ghost Hunters television program investigated the location, recording several EVP's. To the best of my knowledge this is the only photograph ever gotten of the "Lady in White".


The walk was worth it. I felt like we did see a ghost.    I don't know if you believe in ghosts or not but I do know I do, especially after having felt this one.