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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Alligators of University of Louisisana - Lafayette

My child is interested in going to college.   So this spring break we decided to check out a few of them, one of which was the University of Louisiana Lafayette .   While there we saw the campus student union and in front of it was Cypress Lake.  In the lake there were alligators, fish and turtles which we were able to feed.
Here are the images I was able to capture.
This is the quadrangle.
 I just thought this was a pretty building and got its picture.  I think its Stephens Hall.
 Cypress lake.  As soon as there were people near the wall the gators got interested and started to head towards it.  If you look at the bottom center there looks like a log but it really is an alligator.
 I zoomed in on it and was able to get this picture of it.
Cypress Lake alligator at U of LA Lafayette 4-1-2016
 With this one, you could tell he was checking us out.  Before we started to tour the campus they had 'fish food' if we wanted to get some.  I did pick up a container of it and knew it was more for the alligators than the fish.
 Someone started to throw the food and the gator went to get it.
 When the food stopped  it was like this one was saying 'come on is that all you got?'
 Then he and his buddy stated to swim away and it sure did seem like the two of them were talking about the potential new students.
Cypress Lake alligators at U of LA- Lafayette

 They came over to me hoping I would give them something but I didn't have anything for them.
 So it was turn around and check someone else.
 While the one was turning away I couldn't believe a turtle would be so bold as to climb on top of that alligator.
I went ahead and cropped another image so you could see this better.

And of course it wouldn't be the south without one of the magnificent live oaks that they have.
I was impressed with the University and I wouldn't be surprised if my child doesn't choose to go here.