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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Puppy time - playing

Most of the time they cant wait for dad to come home and play with them.  Just like my boys where when they were little.  I guess children and puppies are a lot alike.   If nothing else they do need a lot of supervision otherwise its amazing how quickly they can get into things and destroy it.  I guess that's why we like to play with them so much so they don't have the energy to get into other things.
        Here they are trying to get a chew treat.  For some reason they always seem to think our laps our base and they are safe there. 
The other safe place is their bed.  The one has taken his chew treat there while the other is
trying to get one.

it doesn't take long to tire them out and they love climbing up with us and doing it.
What really amazes me is how fast they are growing and how their appearances is changing constantly.   I keep on wondering what they will look like when they are fully grown.  Lately the one thing they've been getting is spots where they used to be all white. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recent Visit to the Norton Art Gallery

I love going to the Norton Art Gallery and checking out the flowers in bloom and looking at the new art that they have acquired or rearranged over the year.  I went a little early this year because I was with a special friend.
 She thought this was interesting and couldn't figure out why someone would make this statue of Marilyn Monroe.  I had to explain it to her. 

  They've do a lot with the landscaping and this was being built the last time I was here.

I told her this was my kids favorite piece and so she wanted a picture of it too.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Puppy times- pooped out

Sometimes the puppies get pooped out and need a break.

I liked this one where he's trying to figure out what I'm doing but just too tired to do anything about it.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cat trying to eat while Muscovy Ducks lurk nearby

We have some ducks that have decided to stay in our area.  The other day I went out to feed my cat and noticed them in our yard.  I decided to use my cellphone and take a couple of images. 

Here's the images:

 Here the ducks are minding their own business
 But then they seemed to take interest in what the cat was doing.
Muscovy drakes
 As I was doing it I noticed that the ducks were lurking nearer and nearer to the cats food.

All I can say is you don't mess with this cat while he's eating.  If they do they might be one less of them.

I found out from a friend that the ducks are Muscovy ducks.  The only ducks that are native to the area where I live. Here's what wikipedia has to say:
I have some more images that I might add later.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Puppy time - checking out the swimmers

My son had his birthday and wanted a sleep over.  As a special treat we decided to go ahead and let them swim in the pool also.  We have a heater but its very expensive to heat so we don't do that very often.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Quick road trip to Austin Texas and see a great outcrop of the Austin Chalk

I had to do a quick road trip to Austin.  While getting to the place we wanted to get to we got lost.  We stopped and a local gave us directions to get there.  We found it to be faster than the way we've gone in the past and decided to take the same way back home.  While we were headed back I just couldn't get over the outcrops that were there and drooled over them.  I wished I had more time to stop and get out and see them.    This is obviously a new road and hasn't been weathered much.
The road was North Capital of Texas - 360 Hwy. I was headed north at the time.

I will try to update this post more on the geology when I have a little bit more time to do some research on it.  I do feel like I can comfortably say some of it is the Austin Chalk. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the Austin Chalk:  Which to me wasn't much.

Now I want to go back again.