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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cat trying to eat while Muscovy Ducks lurk nearby

We have some ducks that have decided to stay in our area.  The other day I went out to feed my cat and noticed them in our yard.  I decided to use my cellphone and take a couple of images. 

Here's the images:

 Here the ducks are minding their own business
 But then they seemed to take interest in what the cat was doing.
Muscovy drakes
 As I was doing it I noticed that the ducks were lurking nearer and nearer to the cats food.

All I can say is you don't mess with this cat while he's eating.  If they do they might be one less of them.

I found out from a friend that the ducks are Muscovy ducks.  The only ducks that are native to the area where I live. Here's what wikipedia has to say:
I have some more images that I might add later.

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