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Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Japanese/ Tulip magnolia tree bloomed too early this year

I have this gorgeous Japanese Magnolia tree that I have blogged about before with how spectacular the tree can be.  Unfortunately this year the tree has had some hard times.  It started to bloom then we had a freeze and it stopped.  While my neighbors kept going and then ended up loosing everything due to another hard freeze coming through.  After the second hard freeze my tree started to bloom again.  I thought we were okay and it would make it but not as pretty as in past years.  It was starting to get pretty looking when this week we had another freeze come through and unfortunately I don't think its going to recover from this last freeze.  Here's the images I did get.

On February 24 2014

I got this one because of the birds nest.
Feb 24, 2014 Tulip tree starting to bloom.

And here's how it was looking on the3-05-2014

This is how my neighbors looks which usually blooms around the same time our does.

 Here's some copies from other posts and you can see how incredibly beautiful it can be.
Tulip Magnolia or Japanese magnolia Feb 26, 2011

At least I have these pictures to remember it by.
(I was backing up some files when I came across these images too.  They are some of my favorites and I am including them.
My son in the tree 2-14-2009

    When I look at the dates I think that maybe it really didn't bloom too early this year but we sure did have a lot of cold weather this year.

 I was able to take some more pictures when it was starting to bloom but they still weren't as nice as the other years.
Here's some more of 2014 taken on March 13, 2014:
From this image you can see how many had started to bloom but then was damage by the ice and wintery weather we had had.
Tulip Magnolia blossoms damaged by wintery weather 3-13-2014

I'm hoping next year will be better.

I must admit that the Bradford Pear trees where rather spectacular this year as seen with these images I took while walking.

Bradford Pear in bloom March 13, 2014

 I guess it just can't be good for all the trees all the time.

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