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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dawg Times - Our 1st Christmas together

We got our puppies in January when they were 9 weeks old so this was our first Christmas together.  It turned out to be a rather quiet Christmas with just one of my sons being home and no relatives visiting.  The dogs sure did liven things up for us and made it a good one.
Here's Ike checking out the presents while we were waiting for my son to get up.

Here's the tree with the presents under them.  Even though it was just the three of us there were plenty of things.  After all you have to get new underware and socks at least once a year don't you?
Since we didn't know how long it would take for son to get up my husband got up and got a toy that was from them under the tree. They had a lot of fun playing with it while we waited.

 Like small children they quickly got tired playing with the new toy and went looking for other things.
 Finally my son got up and started to hand out the presents. 
Of course they thought they should help too.  That also meant sniffing it as it was opened.
or helping open it with their teeth.
Then Patton got tired of waiting for his.  We couldn't believe it when he jumped down and went to the pile of stuff and figured out the area/bag that had his and his brother's gifts in it.  It was the ones that weren't wrapped. After he sniffed for a couple of seconds he then proceeded to get his own toys out and play with them.
 Here he is figuring out the bag that is theirs. 
  We called his name and he was like you talking to me???
 Can't you see I'm busy with my presents.
It didn't take long for them to get something else to play with but I must admit they were having just as much fun with the wrapping paper as they were the chew toys.
 Ike had to bring them to my lap so he could show me his new prizes.

I thought we had gotten a lot for them since we ended up spending more money on them than we did on ourselves.  It amazed up that in a couple of weeks all the new toys were totally chewed up and ready to be thrown out.