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Monday, February 27, 2017

My Tulip tree was Blooming in January

2012 Tulip tree blooming on I couldn't believe the Tulip / Japanese Magnolia trees were  blooming in January like they were.  This picture was taken on 1-20-2017 and showed a neighbors tree starting to bloom

 I was miserable over this since it was way too early and we normally have a freeze about this time.
I was afraid it was going to be like last year were it started to bloom and then a frost came and turn them brownish in color.

This is what my tree looked like on January 24th. I love how gorgeous the tree gets it the weather hold off.

But the freeze didn't come, and I watched.  This was on 1-27-2017

 And this was on 1-30-2017

I thought I had gotten some more pictures of it blooming in early February but they didn't turn out.  Then we had lots and lots of rain and the petals all came down with the rain. And finally you can see how green it was on February 22, 2017.  I had never seen it this green so early in the year.

Here are some previous years posts on the same tree.
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2014 Tulip tree blooming on 2-24-14 to 3-9-14
2013 I was not available when it bloomed.
2012 Tulip tree blooming on 2-17-2012
2011 Tulip tree blooming on 2-26-2011
I started to blog in Oct of 2010 so I really don't have much before that unless I go through my photo albums and get it that way. 

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