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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1-26-2017 Interesting cloud formations.

I was driving my son to a practice and noticed how blue the sky was.  But there was this unusual cloud there.  At first I thought it was simply a contrail from an airplane but the more I saw of the cloud I realized I may be wrong about that. Notice in this picture there was another very faint cloud parallel to it below the one that cuts across the sky.

 This isn't very goo either but the cloud did a split and that's when I started to think that maybe it wasn't an airplane contrail after all.
 In this one there was another one parallel to it but this time above it and just above the sun is a streak that is an airplane and it was leaving a very little contrail.  It was a fun cloud to watch.  The other reason I didn't think it was from an airplane was because it stayed in the sky for a very long time.  Usually the airplane stuff seems to dissipate with time, and you don't get to see it go clear across the sky like this cloud did.

 The next day on 1-27=2017 I was out walking and noticed this unusual cloud formation but what really got my interest was to see the rainbow hallow around the sun which was trying to shine through it.

 The white speck is an airplane
And here it is cropped so you can see it better.  I might also add that I did nothing to auto enhance these pictures it's the way they were when I took them.  Also I could see the rainbow halo s so much better in person and these images don't do it justice.  It was still pretty to see and I was excited to even capture what I did get.

It was a cold day and I do wonder if there were ice crystals in the clouds causing this effect.

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