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Thursday, February 25, 2016

2016 Tulip tree blooming

This year I couldn't believe it when I saw some blooms on my tulip tree in January.I got this picture on January 8th.  It really disheartened me to see it blooming so early.  I knew the bad weather was coming and these blooms would be destroyed.  I especially hated that there was so many buds already on the tree.  These too would be affected by the cold weather and this year the tree just wouldn't be as spectacular as it has been in the past.
This year I still did take some pictures to keep track of its blooming.

 I liked the colors of the blossoms and the sky
 But as I feared the blossoms got that brownish tinge to them from the cold weather.
 I had to go out of town for a week and when I came back my tree wasn't doing as well as my neighbors tree.  It was pretty  spectacular.  It amazed me that two of the same type of trees would have a slightly different blooming schedule.  Her tree avoided the freezing weather and that was why it got to be so spectacular.  Mine just has been blooming but over more time.
 That still allowed me to get some good pictures like this one.
 Then we had a couple of really windy days and all the old brownish color blossoms fell off leaving the younger healthy ones.  Here's how the tree looked after the blustery days.

Here are the pictures I took today 2-25-2016

 It's still very pretty and I do love having the tree and seeing it in bloom.  I was right about my concerns because usually the tree is more spectacular than this when all of it is in full bloom at the same time.
I do love watching this tree in Spring.  You never know how its going to look from day to day.

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