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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is anyone else having trouble posting AW-43?

  Hollis is hosting Accrectionary Wedge #43 here.  I'm having trouble leaving a comment for this call to post and I was wondering if its just my computer or is anyone else having the same problems I am?  When I go to prove I'm not a robot the screen is blank and I don't know what to type.  When I listen to the sound  and I type the words they say its not correct.  I was able to leave a comment at the Accretionary wedge home page under who will host so I don't understand why I'm having troubles at her blog leaving it as a comment.
   By the way why are the call to posts not put at the Accretionary Wedge home page anymore?  I thought that was the whole purpose of the Wedge was to bring the blogs together and to give us topics to write about -to have one central location for everything.

If you try to leave a comment here and can't please let me know via my email.

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