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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buddy and KC (almost a year later)

Last year, I found out my dog KC had congestive heart failure and that she was on borrowed time. So I wrote a post about  KC here: .  It was troubling to learn this and I tried to do what was best for her after all she was 13 1/2 human yrs or 95 doggie years.  For awhile she would take her medicine but then she started to refuse to take it.  I would hide it in pill pockets, she'd eat around it and spit the pills out.  I would grind it up and hide it in food.  She'd refuse to eat the food.  I would grind it up and put it in the pill pocket pouch and stuff it down her throat, and she would upchuck it.  Finally I just gave up trying and accepted the fact that this is the way she wanted things to be.  She knows she's at the end of her days and has accepted things for the way that they are.  I never thought she would make it this long. But the other day I just had to take some pictures of her and Buddy together.  She was growling at him to get off of her but he didn't want to budge.

Here Buddy looks like he's trying to talk sweet nothings into her ear, and she's trying to ignore him.

They sure do love each other and are so good about keeping each other warm.

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