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Friday, August 28, 2015

The View from the Skylon Tower of Niagra Falls

My family and I were able to go to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  Since we had made a day of it, towards the late afternoon it did not surprise me when we were all getting hungry.  We saw some adds for the Skylon and decided to check it out.  Boy was I glad we went when we did because we were able to get into the revolving dinning room.  If we had waited just a half hour later we wouldn't have been able to go because they were all booked up for the night.  We were only going to be there the one day and went for it.  The view was incredible, well worth it.

The Tower is 775 feet about the falls.  I was glad we were able to do the revolving dining room verses the buffet which was suppose to not revolve.  They have it timed so that while you wait on your food to come you get to see the falls.  Then while you are eating and finishing up you are seeing whats to the north of the falls.  Here's the pictures I took.  (note: I had both my camera and cellphone with me and used both & was glad I did.  The depth perception was different for them). 

This is a good view of the caprock. The caprock, is more resistant and is the Lockport dolostone   of Silurian age. This dolostone is what is so resistant and makes the falls as spectacular at they are.

 You can see the depth perception difference between the camera and the cellphone.  The top was the cell.

 We did go down to the observation deck.  It was nice to see how things were labeled for us.

I would have done this just for the view.  Having good food was really nice and made the whole experience a memory to keep for a long long time. 

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